Daily Lunch Delivery

Order a Daily Lunch Delivery Meal program today and let us do the rest for you. You will receive a selection of healthy, delicious, prepared meals, delivered fresh to your door. Service is available for home and office 5 days a week; Monday to Friday in selected delivery areas. Delivery time is between 10.30 am to 1 pm. HERE COMES THE INTERESTING PART. CHOOSE YOU MEAL PLAN!Weight Loss. VIEW MENU

* Balanced & Portion-Controlled Meals.
* Archiving long-term weight loss goals.
* Fresh and Variety Meal to Keep Motivated.
* Recommended Calories: 300-350 k cal.
* Comes with Light Snack (consume 2 hours after lunch).

Make your choice:7 MEALS (LUNCH), RM126 14 MEALS (LUNCH), RM245 Healthy Eating (HE)VIEW MENU

* Improving eating habits.
* Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
* Balanced Diet & Nutrients to your body.
* Recommended Calories: 350-420 kcal.
* Certified Dietitian-Approved Menu.

Make your choice:7 MEALS (LUNCH), RM226 MEALS (LUNCH), RM345