Select the plan that’s right for you
We understand that everybody’s lifestyle is different and our menus reflect this. If you want to lose weight, eat healthy or simply eat delicious, tasty meals all you need to do is choose the plan that best suits you.

Prepare your meals
Everything is made from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients that are sourced locally. We use no nasty preservatives, additives or GM foods. We have fresh and frozen choices, so you can always have a healthy meal on hand.

Delivery Direct to Your Door
Every morning the orders are packed in insulated boxes, and our drivers and couriers hit the road ready to deliver your gourmet meals to you.

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With such delicious, tasty food delivered in the right portions to your door, it’s enjoyable and so easy to reach your weight loss and wellbeing goals. So why not live a little and start falling in love with your diet today.

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